Hello, and welcome to Shotwell Productions.

My name is Dalton Shotwell – a name so perfectly fit for my vocation that it seemed destined to be! I own and operate Shotwell Productions as a one-man operation out of Tacoma, Washington, and I love what I do. So much, actually, that when I am not working on a client’s project I am working on a short film or some other creative video or photography endeavor. I have a passion for capturing the world through a lens.

I believe that thoughtful and sincere editing is as critical as anything to preserving memories and events on video, not just visually but emotionally as well. My focus is not on impressing clients with lots of editing tricks and self-serving “artistic” camera techniques, but rather to make sure I capture and edit your project in the way that best connects each client to the event using whatever kind of camera work and editing is required to do so. With the tools at my disposal and an enthusiasm to create memorable and meaningful videos, I genuinely try to exceed every client’s expectations.

My professional focus is on serving you and the needs of your project to the best of my abilities. I emphasize making the effort to give each client the highest quality product I am capable of creating. More specifically, I don’t just slap your footage into some pre-constructed generic video template – I build and edit everything from scratch. The result is a unique and meaningful video that is catered to each client’s individual needs and to the spirit of the particular event.

That’s a bit about myself, but you’re more likely interested in what I can do, what I’ve done before, and what I cost. So let’s get on with it!