My services break down into two main categories – recording and editing. I usually perform both services for my clients of course, but it certainly isn’t required.

Maybe you just need someone to get a quality recording of your speech but no editing is necessary because your daughter is going to edit the footage on her laptop. Or perhaps you already have your speech that uncle Joe recorded on his camcorder, and you have the good audio file from your phone, and you’ve got the presentation slides you used on your computer – and now you just want someone to put it all together on video.

I’m good with a mic and camera. I’m also good with images on a computer. I’m at my best with both.

Recording – $150/hour.

Editing – $50/hour.

State and local sales tax rates will apply. Additional travel/equipment fees may apply. 

On editing – It’s impossible to know exactly how long it will take to edit your footage until it is finished. I will always provide an estimate ahead of time regarding how many hours the editing will likely take depending on your specific requested needs, but because the actual editing hours may be more than estimated hours, I will guarantee a cap on billable editing hours. This is to guarantee for you that cost of the estimated hours won’t inflate to a price you did not anticipate by the time I have finished your video. If I estimate your project will take 12 hours to edit on your quote, then I’d guarantee a cap of something like 15 billable hours (even if it actually takes me 18 hours – those last three are on me). In other words, I’m not going to send you a bill that’s far higher than you expected. I don’t do business that way. And of course if it actually only takes 10 hours then you’ll only be billed for 10 hours.

Please send me a Request For Services! Not all projects are so easily priced out directly. You might have just a 10-minute audition video you want thrown together from existing footage or perhaps you have a series of 20 videos you’d like me to record and create over several weeks, or perhaps you are a large dance studio who wants to work out a deal for high-volume DVD orders. I’d love to hear from you!