(recent and UPDATED SAMples on the way)

I now have a handheld 3-axis gimbal stabilizer, so I can create silky-smooth walking or moving shots without the jitters on video. One of the first things I did to employ the stabilizer was this brief commercial for some good friends of mine over at The Yes Works. The freedom to give smooth movement to visuals creates many opportunities – Real estate walkthroughs, single-take commercials, business facility demonstrations, etc. Do you have a video project in mind that would look great with smooth camera movement?

This is a highlight reel I put together for a wonderful dance show called Chop Shop Bodies of Work by Stone Dance Collective. I thoroughly enjoyed filming this show and helping them both with this highlight reel and a separate Kickstarter campaign video.

Here is a fun and very informative video I produced for my friends at Bon Vivant Imports. The Wine Brothers taste and discuss various wines from all over Spain and Italy. This is the video highlighting the wines of Il Colle.

This was a fantastic and educational recital that highlighted the influence of female lyricists throughout the 20th century. It was my pleasure to help capture and preserve Erin’s outstanding work.

A clip from the “Brahms Afoot” program by The Inverse Opera and the Seattle Dance Project. This was a very fun project to record. Also, my wife is the soprano


This is an example of one of the many ways photographs can be expressed through video. I put together this slideshow for my professional photographer friend. If you are in need of a fantastic photographer, I can’t recommend Danielle highly enough. By all means head over to her site and have a look at her excellent work (after you’re finished doing business here with Shotwell Productions, of course!).